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Haii~ I'm NekoNicole ≳⍵≲
I'm just a girl who loves cats and has an obsession with cat ears... And sometimes tails ♡

I pretty much reblog whatever I like here, which can vary a bit from anything cute, cat related, and lovey, to video games, anime, cat girls, silly things, aaand anything else that interests me...
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Okay so if you want to find out more about me
Click on the "About Me" page or ask me cuz I didn't feel like typing it here o3o;;

the color messed up because i got bored (×_×;)

i died

Video game store makes the most of their broken shutters. [x]
me: *sleepy all day*

Track: "this is exactly what you think it is"

We have no choice but to live in this world.

By 呀希。
※Permission to upload this was given by the artist.

Megurine Luka by Samail
*permission from the artist to repost this image was granted*


Ten Major Artists:

Wong Wong & Lulu

Pepper examining himself before commencing a self-portrait

Pepper’s self-portrait

Tiger the spontaneous reductionist

Misty goes off the wall

Minnie, the abstract expressionist

Minnie’s Reindeer in Provence, 1992.

Smokey painting after an hour in the catnip patch

Smokey at work

Ginger’s Stripped Bare Birds, 1992.

Princess, the elemental fragmentist

Charlie, the peripheral realist

this literally makes me so happy


my blogging technique is staying gone for a while and then posting 20 posts persecond